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Standard Equipment

Inspect Tech Property Inspections has the latest equipment to ensure the property is inspected properly. All of our equipment is standard with every inspection and included in the fee. Our mission is to provide our customers with enough information to make a purchase or lease decision. This is achieved by having and maintaining the latest equipment and staying current with industry standards. 

FLIR Infrared Camera C2 & I5

Thermal imaging technology is the ideal tool to help building inspection professionals quickly and accurately detect moisture problems, electrical issues and energy loss. Standard on every inspection.

Reed Moisture Meter

Reed moisture meter helps us confirm moisture is present in the area of question. This is standard on every inspection.

Reed CO-9400

 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (model CO-180) is able of finding carbon monoxide gas leaks

Zefon Bio-Pump® Plus  

 The Zefon Bio-Pump® Plus is the smallest and lightest portable battery powered IAQ sampling pump available. It provides the simplest and most convenient way to sample with Air-O-Cell® and Via-Cell® cassettes at a flow rate of 15LPM.

REED Video Borescope

Reed video Borescope is a critical tool for asssiting in furnace inspections, hard to reach areas, or areas with limited access. We are able to photograph and video tape our findings and share them with you. Standard on every inspection.

Eye Stick

Eye-Stick® provides an alternative to surveying in person. Eye-Stick enables inspection of extreme heights and dangerous situations from a safe distance with a wireless video recorder/ monitor.

REED GD-3300 Combustible Gas Detector

This combustible gas detector detects a wide variety of gases, inlcluding some toxic gases and nuissance vapors.


The FLIR MR160 is the only moisture meter with the power to show you where to measure the problem. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM)technology powered by a FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor, MR160 helps you quickly see temperature patterns that point to potential hidden moisture so you know right where to place the meter probe to capture accurate readings.

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